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Our Favorite Designers


The Adolfo stamp on a men suit sets the standard for fresh, edgy, current fashion always competitively priced. With Adolfo clothing you’ll be right on trend and ready for any adventure from boardroom to beer garden.

Andrew Marc

Andrew Marc, famous for his leather jackets, brings his love of luxury to the mens suit world. Sharp, spirited, cool.

Austin Reed

 What does Cartier, Bacardi, & Austin Reed have in common?  They have each earned Royal Warrants – seals of approval from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Over 100 years of expertise is crafted into each Austin Reed garment.  BTW, rock & roll royalty, The Beatles, were also outfitted by Austin Reed.

Calvin Klein

When it comes to classic Americana, no one touches Calvin Klein. The king of minimal design, Calvin Klein’s distinctive blend of edgy, yet classic silhouettes creates a collection that any man could love. His understated flair can be seen in his clean, crisp suit. Style, “comfort and utility doesn’t always mix, but Calvin Klein always hits the mark.

Christopher Lena

Christopher Lena, the king of dress shirts has just recently added sport shirts to his distinctive line. Never have shirtings looked so stylish as when Christopher Lena works his magic. Dashing style, Comfortable prices.


Superb value in classic styles from this leading importer.


Nobody, but nobody comes close to DKNY when it comes to interpreting forward fashion in the New York mode. DKNY crisp, detailed tailored suits have set the standard on dressing for leaders and leading men from coast-to-coast.

Elie Tahari

 Elie Tahari clothing is designed for sophisticated men.  Understated, distinctive and totally modern.  Always elegant, always sharp, Tahari perfectly captures the stylish and refined look .


American Designer Hardwick is best known for his basic classic styling, solid construction, hard-wearing fabrics with pocket-friendly prices. Hardwidk suits and sport-coats offer the ultimate wardrobe investment.

Hickey Freeman

An icon in boardrooms across the country for over 100 years, Hickey-Freeman embodies the progressive energy and “do it” optimistic American attitude. Hickey-Freeman=Investment Clothing; Hickey-Freeman consistently blends conservative styling with leading edge details insuring you will enjoy wearing your Hickey Freeman suit for years to come. Manufactured by artisanal tailors in Rochester, New York using superior imported Italian and English fabrics, you’ll enjoy Hickey-Freeman’s American fit; modern, trim and most important, comfortable.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss modern, brash, clean, edgy fashion.  Cool, comfort and style don’t always go hand in hand, but with Hugo Boss, the combination works. These attributes describe the Hugo Boss garment. Boss prides itself on creating their own unique silhouette. Always fashion forward, timeless and effortlessly.

Ike Behar

Ike Behar personifies the American Dream.   He immigrated from Cuba in the 1960’s and with hard work created a thriving business.  His first break came when he was contracted to produce shirts for Ralph Lauren.  Since then he has built his own line, known for elegant and sophisticated patterns, top-notch fabrics and tailoring.

International Laundry

At home in Cannes, London, Milan, New York, or San Francisco, the International Laundry man is sophisticated, daring, and up-to-the-minute fashionable.  Fine fabrics, brilliant colors, and unusual designs.  Why look like everyone else when you’re your own man?

ItaliUomo / Euro Fashions

ItalUomo has the flair of fine Italian design and value that will make the toughest accountant happy – you get more than you paid for with ItalUomo!

Jack Victor

This third generation, Montreal-based, family owned business specializes in sophisticated and hip, European-influenced clothing.  Victor seeks out unusual fabrics to create distinctive clothing you’ll enjoy wearing for years.

John Varvatos

This man behind the scenes is responsible for some of the best looking rock and rollers.  Costumer to the stars, Varvatos brings his gritty elegance to his own line.  Interesting fabrics, exceptional quality cloth, modern fit.  You'll dress like a star!

Mantoni / Gruppo Bravo

 Modern with a European twist, Mantoni, made by Gruppo Bravo, has “the look” and “the price”. You’ll appreciate the flair, the craftsmanship, and the great value Mantoni adds to every garment.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors, also known as “The Architect of Fashion” dominates the current fashion scene with his finger on the pulse of cool contemporary styling. Michael Kors suits have redefined menswear with his slim, update lines combined with his unique fabrics.


It's hard to find a better value in classic men's clothing than what Monetefino offers.  Well engineered to last a long time, timeless fashions.

Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri makes suits the old fashioned way – by hand.  Each stitch, each element is superbly finished and superbly tailored.  The results are striking – clothing that feels light and right.  Clothing that drapes just so.  Clothing that makes you look like and feel like a million bucks!  You’ll appreciate the excellence and the value Pal Zileri provides.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the original sunny-day line of clothing.  Best known for cotton suits and sportcoats for hot summers, Palm Beach has branched out into other areas with the same vacation / at ease lifestyle.

Paul Betenly

Paul Betenly: Suits should be great style, timeless, classic, effortlessly, Paul Betenly knows this better than anybody and his collection is a perfect example of uncompromising sartorial ideals down to the last detail. Whoever said classic could also be cool?


Petrocelli, this renown Italian designer has become synonymous with his love of elegant tailoring and seductive details combining fashion-forward yet casual design with craftsmanship and quality that lasts a lifetime.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, the king of American design, has a hard-earned reputation for excellence.  Providing top quality heritage designs is what has made Lauren famous.  Always comfortable, always well made,  clothing that tells the world, “I’ve made it”.


Renoir crafts popular priced clothing infused with an artisitic flair and sense of joie de vivre.

Robert Graham

Robert Graham Sportswear is your first stop, if you’re a fashion-forward man looking for smart, cool and edgy wardrobe staples. Best known for Robert Graham Sport Shirts that have become classics, he was branched out to a full lifestyle collection. Robert Graham Jeans have already achieve star status. The rest is soon to follow.


Rubin Brothers suits are one of Canadians’’ most cherished luxury brands. Hand crafted in Montréal, known for their rare ability to consistent blend classic and contemporary styling, Rubin Brothers’ suits are first-rate with time-tested quality.


Yes, once upon a time this famous Japanese outerwear manufacturer was part of the same company now known for electronics.  This division is all about fashion and excellence.  Top quality trenchcoats and outerwear for highly discriminating men.  Beautiful fabrics, versatile design, exceptional quality.


Tallia, classic Italian styling interpreted for today’s man. Comfort and style don’t always go together, but with Tallia, the combination works. Take a style trip back to sunny Capri and enjoy Tallia’s fresh Italian silhouette with a distinctly luxurious but youthful fit.


It’s not every brand that can master effortless Italian cool the way Tiglio does. Formed with the goal of crafting clothing that promotes a lifestyle of carefree idealism, Tigilo offers just that, Great style that exude’s fashion-forward sophistication thanks to trim cuts, narrow lapels, Italian fabrics and fine finishing touches. Molto bene, indeed.

Tommy Bahama

You'll feel the island breeze carry away all of your worries!  Tommy Bahama makes clothes for the endless weekend.

Tommy Hilfiger

Young, fresh, American.  Award winning designer, Tommy Hilfiger channels the youthful spirit and optimism of America into his designs.


Some say Emilo Yuste is the Spanish Canali, others compare Yuste with Armani. We think Emilo Yuste’s refine elegance and beauty for the modern man stands apart. Yuste combines rich details with clean lines for clothing that feels both timeless and completely current.